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LITHOVIT, a natural intensified CO2 foliar fertilizer for indoor/outdoor use, is a top-quality natural technological product created by tribodynamic activation and micronization to levels of 10-20 microns.

Highly energized Lithovit particulates, sprayed directly onto the leaf surface, are taken up directly through the stomata and converted into carbon dioxide.

Lithovit intensifies CO2+ Neg Charge+ Intensified Oxygenated delivery platform. In this way Lithovit can considerably increase the photosynthesis rate, since one of the essential factor limiting photosynthesis outdoors is the lower natural CO2 content of the air. This leads to yield increases (up to 50% and more), accompanied by a reduced water requirement (by up to 75%), since with Lithovit  plants are able to keep the stomata closed longer in case of water stress (balancing of nutrients). In addition, the micro-nutrients also contained in the product and the trace elements that influence plant physiology and increase the resistance, growth, vitality and general quality of the crop.

*  Accelerates the quality of growth and intensifies the harvest color, shelf life, storage,
*  Increases resistance and vitality… reduces need for pesticides – herbicides – synthetics.
*  Increases plant stability, frost and drought tolerance and pest resistance.
*  Enhances the supply of essential trace elements to the plants, “restoration” of nutrients…
*  Reduces water requirement – balancing nutrient supply to support cellular pressures that keeps moisture within the cell.

Lithovit must be used with a non-ionic surfacant.  We use Exciter Extract  and found it works  to get the best response from the plants.  

Add important nutrients to your plants and crops with Lithovit products:

Lithovit Original CO2 fertilizer  

New Lithovit with 5% Boron (organic)  Lithovit Boron OMRI   

New Lithovit with 25% Amino Acids Lithovit Amino Acid Label

Proven to be an excellent seed innoculant to jump start your plants.

New Lithovit with 25% Guano  Lithovit Guano Label

Lithovit with 50% Urea  Lithovit Urea Label

Lithovit enters the stomata or cell plant structure extremely fast. The plants recognize Lithovit as an all natural product and suck it in – increasing sugars levels in a few days. The natural urea gives the plants an instant boost for production and yields in the weeks ahead.                        

  • Boosts proteins
  • Jump starts bean crops
  • Inexpensive & easy to apply
  • Tank mixable with many products
  • Uses 15-20 gallons water per acre
  • Improves all crop yields
  • Accelerates crop / plant growth and intensifies green color
  • Increases drought and frost tolerance
  • Enhances the supply of trace elements to the plants
  • Increases viscosity of cell bioplasm, enhance plants disease resistance
  • Enhances plants resistant to drought, heat and cold concitions

Remember, Lithovit product MUST be used with a non-ionic surfactant.        We used the best call Super Ag Extract – found it works the best to get the best responses from the plants.     Lithovit is not suitable for plants preferring a high acidic soil.


* Notice:  The evidence of Lithovit’s benefits is based on reports from worldwide Lithovit test results

which have been forwarded to U.S.A. Lithovit by Lithovit’s manufacturer, Zeovita GmbH in Germany
although these benefits have not yet certified by some government agencies.  Lithovit is considered
either a nutrient or fertilizer, depending upon the each state’s labeling requirements and our labels
were designed in accordance with each state’s demands.