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100% Natural

About Lithovit USA

100% natural 

LITHOVIT, a natural intensified CO2 foliar fertilizer for indoor/outdoor use. It is a top-quality 100% natural  product created by tribodynamic activation and micronization to levels of 10-20 microns.
Highly energized Lithovit particulates, sprayed directly onto the leaf surface, are taken up directly through the stomata and converted into carbon dioxide.
Lithovit intensifies Carbon Dioxide+ Negative Charge that intensifies Oxygenation.  Lithovit can considerably increase the photosynthesis rate. This leads to yield increases (up to 50% and more), accompanied by a reduced water requirement (by up to 75%).   Lithovit  treated plants are able to keep the stomata closed longer in case of water  deficiency. The micro-nutrients in the product and the trace elements influence plant physical health and increase the resistance, growth, vitality and general quality of the crop.


  • Accelerates growth and intensifies the plant color, shelf life, and storage life
  • Increases resistance and vitality
  • Increases plant stability, and increases resistance to frost, drought and insects.          
  • Increasesthe supply of essential trace elements to the plants and enhances nutrients.
  • Reduces water requirement – when the nutrient supply is balanced it  supports cellular pressure and    keeps moisture within the cell.
  • Lithovit products:
  • Lithovit Original CO2 fertilizer  
  • Lithovit with 5% Boron 
  • Lithovit with 25% Amino Acids Lithovit Amino Acid .
  • Amino acids are an excellent seed innoculant to jump start your plants.

Lithovit with 25% Guano  (limited supply)

Lithovit enters the plant cell structure quickly. Plants recognize Lithovit as an all natural product and absorb it – increasing sugars levels in a few days. The natural urea gives the plants an instant boost for production and yields in the weeks ahead.                        

  • Boosts proteins
  • Jump starts  crops
  • Inexpensive & easy to apply
  • Tank mixable with many products
  • Improves all crop yields
  • Accelerates crop / plant growth and intensifies green color
  • Increases drought and frost tolerance
  • Enhances the supply of trace elements to the plants
  • Increases plant cell strength, enhance plants disease resistance
  • Enhances plants resistant to drought, heat and cold conditions

Remember, Lithovit products MUST be used with a non-ionic surfactant to ensure it adheres to the plant seed and leaves.​