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$15.00 half pound – Shipping $7.95 (U.S. only) International Shipping via express mail is $35.00 Per pound.
$25.00 full pound – Shipping     7.95
Larger bags are available.  Please call 218-686-2344 for a quote on product and shipping.

Lithovit Science

LITHOVIT® is a stone that helps the plants to grow and to thrive… Effect of LITHOVIT® on photosynthesis: the most important function in plant growth…

LITHOVIT® is an innovative product series of tribodynamic activated and micronized natural CO2 foliar and soil fertilizer from Germany. 

To Place An Order Call:  (218) 686.2344

100% Natural

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Lithovit is 100% natural and is suitable for use in organic farming according to Council Regulation (EG) Nr. 834/2007 – European Community. Although all Lithovit products are 100% natural, we have chosen not to be OMRI certified

Welcome to Lithovit USA.  Lithovit is a natural intensified CO2 foliar fertilizer for indoor/outdoor use.