Arizona, 2016 – Grapefruit  treated with Lithovit, the other with Lithovit with Boron and Lithovit with Amino Acid. The weight of the right hand side grapefruit was 30oz.(850g)

It normally takes 3 to 4 years. for Aronia Berries to reach the height of 23-24”. 

Tomatos in Minnesota.  Center plant was not treated.  Left hand plant was treated with another product.  Right hand plant was foliar fed with Lithovit with Amino Acid.  The plant on the right remained in blossom until October.  The blossom’s did not freeze with the first frost – the plant remained in bloom until the temperature dropped to 22F (-5C) The total length of the plant on the right was 12 feet (3.05 m).

100% Natural

Pots were planted when the bush was 8” tall.
They were foliar fed with Lithovit. The root system was so strong it was not contained in the  pot. Within the next three weeks, the plant grew from 10” to 18” in height. Within two months the plant reached 24” in height.​

4 Flowering plants in Minnesota sprayed with Lithovit 2X. Flowers remained in bloom until late October when the temperature dropped to 22F (15C) Height of the flowers was about 4 ft (1.22m)

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Aronia berries are a very good source of anti-oxidants.  They take several years, however, to produce fruit.  An application of Lithovit enhances growth as seen below: